Auction FAQs

How will my property auction?

Williams & Williams will auction your property on two platforms:
On site - The traditional style of auction, where bidders meet at a property and bid in person.
"Live From the Lawn" - presented in conjunction with our sister company Auction Network to run simultaneously with your on-site auction. Instead of bidding in person, "Live From the Lawn" allows bidders to register online with Auction Network and bid online as your on-site auction takes place.

How will bidders view my property?

We will host two open inspections prior to the auction. During this time, a Williams & Williams representative will register attendees and remain in the property at all times. The inspections are generally hosted one to two weeks prior to the auction as well as two hours before the auction to enable bidders one more chance to walk through prior to the auction event.

Will signage be placed at my property?

Yes, our representative will place signs at your property and along major streets in your area to direct interested buyers to your property.

What kind of information is made available about my property?

Your property will have its own detail page that provides the property’s description, plenty of images, interactive mapping, the sale date and time, the sale location, terms and conditions, disclosures, a sample contract, inspection times, and community information. We present all information we have to aid buyers in their decision-making process.

Where will my property be advertised?

Williams & Williams will launch a marketing campaign utilizing internet strategies, including search engine techniques that feed third-party websites such as Yahoo’s Real Estate section, as well as banner placements on real estate websites, print ads in local and national publications, and direct mail.

Can I participate in the marketing?

Yes! We will create a printable flyer which you can pass out to neighbors and friends.

What should I do to get my property ready for the open inspection?

We recommend you clean the house, open the curtains and blinds to let the sunshine in, and, if possible, take your pets to a friend’s house. First impressions are everything, so make sure the lawn is well maintained, add a pot of flowers to the front porch, and move the cars out of the driveway to allow everyone to see your home in its best advantage.

Should I attend the auction?

In our experience, we find that most sellers prefer not to attend the auction as the crowds can be a bit overwhelming.