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  Real Estate Auction substantially increases returns while also reducing the owner’s risk due to under pricing, over pricing, age degradation, and vacancy. We combine the immediacy of auction with highly targeted marketing and an unparalleled onling bidding platform to bring the market to your sale.  
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  We have a proven track record of selling all types of commercial assets: retail, industrial, hospitality, office, multifamily, specialty and unique properties, and commercial land. Learn more about the types of properties we've sold at auction in our Results Portfolio. Questions? Call Fontana at 918.362.6505  
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We offer real estate advisory services to help commercial real estate owners choose the right solution; whether a timely sale of one or more properties, or an alternative financial restructure. Don't hesitate to call us with questions about your commercial property. 
We believe in a hand-crafted approach to service. When a timely commercial real estate sale is the answer, we combine the function of time with sophisticated marketing services and results are achieved in 6-12 weeks, from listing to close. 


     Commercial Real Estate Auction Specialist
     Learn more about Fontana. Contact Fontana about selling your commercial real estate:
     Fontana Fitzwilson | EVP - Sales - 918.362.6505 - email Fontana 


     Commercial Real Estate Auction Specialist
     Learn more about Cindy. Contact Cindy about selling your commercial real estate:
     Cindy Dees | Sr. Director of Sales & Marketing - 918.217.6410 - email Cindy 

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