Elizabeth Bacon Custer Manuscripts

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Elizabeth Bacon Custer Manuscripts

This one-of-a-kind, virtually untouched manuscript collection captures American history through the eyes and words of a woman who lived it, with her celebrated husband, George A. Custer. It represents an important contribution to understanding a pivotal moment in American history, a battle, a time, a general and a woman, who are still vivid in the American imagination more than one hundred and thirty years later. This rare, first-person account of history has never been scanned, copied or catalogued and lies in wait to be truly discovered.

The collection offers a rich history of the Western frontier and the extraordinary personalities that shaped it; the Battle of the Little Bighorn and the American reaction to the catastrophe; the social history of the late nineteenth century; gender studies; veterans' experiences of multiple wars; and African Americans during the Civil War. The collection addresses the great themes of history as well as the smaller, quieter ones: the unwritten lives of the Civil War veterans, a father's grief at the death and mutilation of his son in an Indian fight, Elizabeth's joy in her husband and her extreme privation upon his death – all these give the archive an extraordinary emotional depth.

Note: The provenance of the Elizabeth Bacon Custer Manuscript Collection is solely with the seller who is relying on his own knowledge, experts within his employ and third parties who were previous owners of portions of the collection.

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