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Yes, we will partner with any licensed agent or broker who registers to become a member of ProPortal and registers to represent a buyer at least 24 hours prior to auction. A cooperation fee is paid at closing if the buyer closes per the terms of the contract. We also pay a referral fee at closing when an agent/broker member refers a listing for auction.

You can show a property by attending one of the scheduled, open public inspections, or for immediate access use the "Show a Property" button on the ProPortal page to search for the property and request that we email you the lock box code.

If a property is privately owned or still occupied, we cannot provide a lockbox code. Your client will need to view the property during the scheduled Open Public Inspections. Some occupied properties have stipulations that prevent them from being seen prior to auction and require the bidders to bid without having first seen the property.

A fee based on the high bid may be paid to an Agent's Broker whose registered Client purchases property in strict accordance with the terms of the sale agreement. To qualify for a cooperation fee, the following requirements must be met with NO EXCEPTIONS:

  • The Agent/Broker must identify below the potential purchaser (Client) at least 24 hours prior to the auction date. If a legal entity is the Client, the principals must be disclosed. No referral fee will be paid to an agent representing him/herself.
  • The Agent or Broker must personally attend the auction with the Client and present a copy of the Confirmation Email of this registration at time of bidder registration. If the Agent or Broker does not present this confirmation at registration a referral fee will not be paid.
  • The Agent/Broker should fully disclose in writing to the Client at first contact their status as either a Buyer's Agent/Broker or Transaction Broker and the associated responsibilities and legal ramifications either relationship entails for both the Agent/Broker and Client. The Agent/Broker shall indemnify and hold harmless Williams & Williams and the Seller from any liability arising from its conduct relative to the transaction and sale, and hereby agrees to submit any claims the Agent/Broker may assert to binding arbitration per the Contract of Sale between Buyer and Seller, incorporated by reference herein. Agent/Broker hereby represents and warrants without limitation to Williams & Williams and the seller it is a duly licensed Agent or Broker in the State in which the property to be sold is located, and is in full compliance with all laws, rules and regulations regarding a real estate licensee. No referral fee will be paid if the Client, who subsequently enters into a purchase agreement, does not close in strict accordance with the written terms thereof. In all events Williams & Williams shall have the sole authority and right to revoke this offer of compensation and/or determine if and when a referral fee shall be paid.

Licensed agents who represent themselves in a transaction are not eligible for a commission.

Yes, but you must register the buyer here on PROportal at least 24 hours prior to the auction. If it is a live event, you also must attend the auction with your buyer and bring the confirmation email you will receive to the auction as proof of registration. Your registered buyer must be the high bidder and close under the terms of the contract in order for the commission to be paid.

State licensing laws require that you be licensed in the state in which the property for auction is located. If this is the case, you can earn a commission regardless of where your buyer resides as long as you register your buyer on PROportal within 24 hours of the auction and your buyer closes under the terms of the contract.

Yes you can if you have an original Power of Attorney (POA) with you at the time of the auction. If you will be bidding online on behalf of your client, then the POA must be returned with the signed contract of sale following the auction.

Selling your property? Find out if auction works for you.
Call 800.801.8003.
Selling your property? Find out if auction works for you.
Call 800.801.8003.