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Our Partnerships

We are a partner. For over 100 years our broker partners, clients, individual sellers, and teammates have trusted us to do the right thing. Our long term commitment to transparency, integrity and win/win solutions will continue to earn that trust.

We deliver excellence. We never stop in creating measurable information that can be used to compare, improve and learn from. We’re interested in adding value for generations to come.

Our Partnerships

   JLL commercial real estate brokerage                   whitetail properties                 Long and Foster

williams real estate brokerage

open lands real estate acqusitions

open lands real estate acqusitions

Adirondack Premier Properties

REAO Canadian Real Estate Auctions

Broker/Agent Resources

PROportal is a members-only website designed for real estate professionals to manage their auction partnership with Williams & Williams. The PROportal makes it easy for licensed professionals to work with us and earn commissions.

Through the PROportal, licensed real estate professionals can refer a propert for auction, gain access to show a property to a potential buyer, register to represent buyers, and submit pre-auction offers.

Visit the PROportal >>


REO Clients

In 2003, Williams & Williams launched its Real Estate Owned (REO) Sales Division to serve the nation’s mortgage finance and investment firms with a nationwide outsource solution for foreclosed (bank owned) real estate. Our turnkey REO services substantially enhance loss mitigation and/or sales performance, from property preservation through sale, including asset, title, and closing management.

Learn more about our solutions for bank-owned properties >>

asap auctions

We are innovative. Our Assisted Sales Auction Program or ASAP, is on the industry's forefront of helping servicers/lenders and borrowers avoid foreclosure.

Individual Sellers

We treat our Individual Home Sellers as partners. Your property has a story and we work with you to tell that story. We value our sellers' input and experiences with the property as intelligence that allows us to develop the best marketing plan to target potential buyers.

Learn more about how we work with Individual Sellers as Partners >>


The decision to auction your property is not an easy one, and we understand that. If you are considering auction, we want to talk with you to make sure all of your questions are answered. Call us at 800.801.8003 to speak with our sales team.

Melissa Slusser | Residential Sales

Fontana Fitzwilson | Commercial Sales

David Wenrick | Luxury Property Sales

Drew Ary | Farm, Ranch & Land Sales


Our commitment to bringing you the best in real estate auction services includes hiring the finest, most experienced auction talent in the nation. Like the live floor traders of the world’s great exchanges, our auctioneers are seasoned professionals entrusted every day with the sale of high-value merchandise. Williams & Williams auctioneers average more than 35 years in the business and specialize in live auction trading between real estate buyers and sellers.

Marquee Auctioneers

Andy White
Bruce Brooks
Cody S. Lowderman
Danny Green
Dusty Taylor
Eddie Burks
Eli Detweiler
Jack L. Lowderman
James M. Birdwell
John Nicholls
Joseph Mast

Keith Babb
Matt Sims
Monte Lowderman
Scott Mihalic
Tommy Barnes
Tommy Williams
Tom "Spanky" Assiter
Tony Langdon

Marquee Ringman

Amy Assiter
Delvin Heldermon
DeRon Heldermon
Dick Carmichael
Doug Paul
E.C. Larkin, Jr.
Gordon Kimberling

Jack Hedrick
Juston Stelzer
Kelly Strauss
Roger Holmstrom
Roger Spencer
Scott Manley
Terry Robinson

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