Sell Bulk Portfolios

The bulk portfolio group, a division of the Williams, Williams & McKissick family of companies, is a principal buyer and seller of bulk real estate-backed assets. We are uniquely qualified to offer sellers an optimized and diverse real estate asset disposition solution, and we have direct access to additional capital should it make sense for all parties. Our portfolio exchange combines years of mortgage, real estate and securities trading with the most technologically advanced bulk portfolio auction platform in the industry.

Mitigate Loss with Our Build-Your-Own Portfolio Platform

Our one-of-a-kind auction portfolio platform, WWM Exchange, offers a loss mitigation solution for your hard-to-sell real estate or loan assets, delivering incremental buyers who may otherwise not attend an on-site auction. Here are just a few of our benefits:

Listing or final exit strategy for your assets
Global and targeted marketing that delivers investors
User-friendly and customizable bidding platform
Innovative opportunity for smaller investors to buy bulk REO assets
Ability to bid on one, some or all assets – all with insurable title
Complete auction management from listing through close of sale

Achieve Top Market Value for Your Bulk Portfolio

Williams & Williams bulk portfolio group helps you effectively manage your holdings and achieve top market value by selling any bulk real estate or loan portfolio. Our optimized disposition solutions focus on capital risk management, liquidity, stewardship and return on investment.

Structured and flexible deal solutions for various types of entities
and assets
Pricing models give advance view of market performance with
consistent accuracy of +/- 2.5%
WWM Auction Index™ previews shifts in the real estate market
up to 60 days ahead of other leading indices



How To Sell

Our solutions enable sellers to gain liquidity in the most credible, secure and expedient way, and our bulk portfolio group is with you every step along the process.

Here’ s how it works:

Pre-Listing: The bulk portfolio group starts by formulating a sales plan according to your preferences. You sign the listing agreement,
then submit the assets and collateral documents.
The bulk portfolio group then takes over, booking the assets and posting all pertinent documents, including the terms and
conditions. From there we leverage our global marketing expertise and the reach of our sister company Williams & Williams
to actively market your bulk portfolio to qualified investors. Bidders are authorized through a comprehensive investor profile
questionnaire and review process.
Indicative Bids: Once bids start coming in, 
The bulk portfolio group evaluates each one and alerts top bidders of their status.
Due Diligence: Now that your assets have started to receive bids, 
The bulk portfolio group will manage the due diligence period and act as
a liaison between you and the interested bidders.
Closing: Once bidding ends, we will send you the final offers for you to review and accept, then work with both you and
the buyer(s) to close the transactions.

The bulk portfolio group facilitates connections between sellers and buyers, we do not offer advice to buyers on the suitability of an investment, nor do we give financial advice of any sort to buyers, nor do we provide value estimates relating to the assets.



     Bulk Portfolios Sales
     Contact Fontana Fitzwilson about selling your bulk properties:
     Fontana Fitzwilson | SVP, Capital Markets - 918.362.6505 / email Fontana



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