License Name State
Grubstake Auction, Inc.-AK-Real Estate Firm-723163 AK
Robert S. Bridges-AK-Primary Real Estate Broker-18212 AK
Ron Alleva-AK-Real Estate Broker-6576 AK
Daniel Nelson-AL-Primary Real Estate Broker-94692-0 AL
Dusty Taylor-AL-Auctioneer-5169 AL
Eddie Burks-AL-Auctioneer-1532 AL
James M. Birdwell-AL-Auctioneer-1238 AL
Keith W. Babb-AL-Auctioneer-5039 AL
Matthew Sims-AL-Auctioneer-5217 AL
Thomas Barnes-AL-Auctioneer-1024 AL
Thomas L. Williams-AL-Auctioneer-1893 AL
Tony Langdon-AL-Auctioneer-5226 AL
Williams & Williams Mrtkg Srvcs, Inc.-AL-Real Estate Firm-76990-0 AL
Daniel Nelson-AR-Primary Real Estate Broker-PB00069547 AR
Keith Babb & Associates, Inc.-AR-Real Estate Firm- AR
Keith W. Babb-AR-Auctioneer-1213 AR
Keith W. Babb-AR-Real Estate Broker-PB00071902 AR
Neal Davis Auction and Realty Co.-AR-Real Estate Firm- AR
Neal Davis-AR-Auctioneer-1 AR
Neal Davis-AR-Real Estate Broker-PB00006564 AR
Thomas L. Williams-AR-Auctioneer-680 AR
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-AR-Real Estate Firm- AR
Burris, Hennessy & Co-AZ-Primary Real Estate Broker-CO 001718000 AZ
Daniel Nelson-AZ-Primary Real Estate Broker-BR642568000 AZ
Dan Nelson-CA-Primary Real Estate Broker-01866273 CA
Jack L. Lowderman-CA-Auctioneer-CA 769093 CA
Ken Switzer-CA-Primary Real Estate Broker-261559 CA
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-CA-Auction Firm-Auc Bond No. 6830812 CA
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-CA-Real Estate Firm-01863253 CA
Travis Britsch-CO-Primary Real Estate Broker-ER100034702 CO
Daniel S. Nelson-CT-Primary Real Estate Broker-REB0788424 CT
Monte Lowderman-CT-Real Estate Sales-RES.0794425 CT
Williams & Williams Marketing Services Inc-CT-Real Estate Firm-REB.0759271 CT
Bradford P. White-DC-Primary Real Estate Broker-PB98370715 DC
John Nicholls-DC-Auctioneer-6005 70102057 DC
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-DC-Real Estate Firm-CO98370716 DC
Bradford P. White-DE-Primary Real Estate Broker-RB-0003560 DE
John Nicholls-DE-Auctioneer-2011604471 DE
Scott Mihalic-DE-Auctioneer-2011600545 DE
Tony Langdon-DE-Auctioneer-2011603920-519 DE
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-DE-Real Estate Firm- DE
Daniel S. Nelson-FL-Primary Real Estate Broker-BK3223097 FL
Eddie Burks-FL-Auctioneer-AU4211 FL
Eli Detweiler Jr-FL-Auctioneer-AU4217 FL
John Nicholls-FL-Auctioneer-3445 FL
Joseph Mast-FL-Auctioneer-AU3921 FL
Monte W. Lowderman-FL-Auctioneer-AU3278 FL
Otha Dusty Taylor-FL-Auctioneer-AU4017 FL
Peter Costanzo-FL-Auctioneer-AU978 FL
R. A. Randy Kincaid, Jr.-FL-Real Estate Broker-BK558444 FL
Scott Mihalic-FL-Auctioneer-AU3874 FL
Thomas Barnes-FL-Auctioneer-AU3383 FL
Tony Langdon-FL-Auctioneer-AU3928 FL
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-FL-Auction Firm-AB2784 FL
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-FL-Real Estate Firm-1032049 FL
Daniel Nelson-GA-Primary Real Estate Broker-337384 GA
Eddie Burks-GA-Auctioneer-AUNR002749 GA
James M. Birdwell-GA-Auctioneer-AUNR002550 GA
Monte W. Lowderman-GA-Auctioneer-AUNR002789 GA
Ronn Cunningham-GA-Auctioneer-AU003846 GA
Thomas Barnes-GA-Auctioneer-AUNR002284 GA
Thomas L. Williams-GA-Auctioneer-AUNR001959 GA
Tommy Ray Assiter-GA-Auctioneer-AUNR002690 GA
Tony Langdon-GA-Auctioneer-AU003841 GA
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-GA-Real Estate Firm-H-16048 GA
Howard C. Richmond-HI-Primary Real Estate Broker-RB-19627 HI
Richmond Realty Hawaii-HI-Real Estate Firm-RB-19626 HI
Bradford P White-IA-Primary Real Estate Broker-B60907000 IA
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-IA-Real Estate Firm-F03628000 IA
Travis Britsch-ID-Primary Real Estate Broker-DB39554 ID
Wms & Wms Marketing Svcs, Inc.-ID-Real Estate Firm-CO39553 ID
Cody Lowderman-IL-Auctioneer-441.001255 IL
Daniel S. Nelson, Managing Broker-IL-Primary Real Estate Broker-471.016793 IL
Jack Lowderman-IL-Auctioneer-440.0000699 IL
Monte W. Lowderman-IL-Auctioneer-440000708 IL
Andrew R. White-IN-Auctioneer-AU11100052 IN
Bradford P. White-IN-Primary Real Estate Broker-PB21005302 IN
Cody S. Lowderman-IN-Auctioneer-AU11100014 IN
Eddie Burks-IN-Auctioneer-AU10000266 IN
Eli Detweiler-IN-Auctioneer-AU11100089 IN
Jack Lowderman-IN-Auctioneer-AU01038202 IN
James M. Birdwell-IN-Auctioneer-AU01031153 IN
Joseph Mast-IN-Auctioneer-AU10700022 IN
Monte W. Lowderman-IN-Auctioneer-AU10100022 IN
Scott Mihalic-IN-Auctioneer-AU11000014 IN
Thomas L. Williams-IN-Auctioneer-AU01002702 IN
Tony Langdon-IN-Auctioneer-AU11000001 IN
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-IN-Auction Firm-AC30400023 IN
Denis Barrett Auctioneers-IT-Auctioneer-CXA206 IT
Daniel Nelson-KS-Primary Real Estate Broker-BR00231987 KS
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-KS-Real Estate Firm-CO90060880 KS
Bradford P. White, Principal-KY-Primary Real Estate Broker-72548 KY
Clyde Kenneth Booth-KY-Auctioneer-NP6122 KY
Cody Shane Lowderman-KY-Auctioneer-RP 3502 KY
Danny Green-KY-Auctioneer-RP7172 KY
Eddie Burks-KY-Auctioneer-P1201 KY
Eli Detweiler-KY-Auctioneer-RP3448 KY
John Nicholls-KY-Auctioneer-RP3380 KY
Joseph M Mast-KY-Auctioneer-RP 3225 KY
Monte W. Lowderman-KY-Auctioneer-NP02644 KY
Randy Burdette-KY-Auctioneer-RP7214 KY
Scott Mihalic-KY-Auctioneer-RP3237 KY
Thomas Barnes-KY-Auctioneer-RP818 KY
Tony Langdon-KY-Auctioneer-RP3534 KY
Daniel Nelson-LA-Primary Real Estate Broker-BROK.0995680155-ACT LA
Eddie Burks-LA-Auctioneer-1770 LA
Joseph Mast-LA-Auctioneer-1781 LA
Keith W. Babb-LA-Auctioneer-124 LA
Otha Dusty Taylor-LA-Auctioneer-836 LA
Thomas Barnes III-LA-Auctioneer-1641 LA
Thomas L. Williams-LA-Auctioneer-1272-05 LA
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-LA-Auction Firm-AB-237 LA
Cody Lowderman-MA-Auctioneer-AU2967 MA
Daniel Nelson-MA-Primary Real Estate Broker-148350 MA
Monte Lowderman-MA-Auctioneer-AU2968 MA
Daniel Nelson-MD-Primary Real Estate Broker-639143 MD
Larry Makowski-MD-Auctioneer-City of Baltimore AU0000019 MD
Tony Langdon-MD-Auctioneer-076 Baltimore Co. MD
Williams & Williams Worldwide Real Estate LLC-MD-Real Estate Firm- MD
Adrian Harris-ME-Auctioneer-AUC1226 ME
Robert Shannon Bridges-ME-Primary Real Estate Broker-DB916130 ME
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-ME-Real Estate Firm-AC90602676 ME
Robert Bridges-MI-Primary Real Estate Broker-6502363369 MI
Williams & Williams Worldwide Real Estate, LLC-MI-Real Estate Firm-6505363368 MI
Bradford P. White-MN-Primary Real Estate Broker-40225687 MN
Cody Lowderman-MN-Auctioneer-4911077 MN
Jack Lowderman-MN-Auctioneer-490-50-70 MN
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-MN-Real Estate Firm-RC147414 MN
Bradford P. White-MO-Primary Real Estate Broker-2011007233 MO
Bruce Brooks-MO-Auctioneer-110212 McDonald Co. MO
Clyde Kenneth Booth-MO-Auctioneer-14774-Platte Co. MO
Cody S. Lowderman-MO-Auctioneer-14883 Platte County MO
Eddie Burks-MO-Auctioneer-11376(Platte) MO
Thomas L. Williams-MO-Auctioneer-1221 GREENE CO. MO
Tommy Barnes-MO-Auctioneer-75 (New Madrid Co.) MO
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-MO-Real Estate Firm-2011033215 MO
Daniel Nelson-MS-Primary Real Estate Broker-B-19691 MS
Keith W. Babb-MS-Auctioneer-185 MS
Otha Dusty Taylor-MS-Auctioneer-773L MS
Thomas Barnes-MS-Auctioneer-1055 MS
Thomas L Williams-MS-Auctioneer-567 MS
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-MS-Auction Firm-569F MS
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-MS-Real Estate Firm-13718 MS
Travis Britsch-MT-Primary Real Estate Broker-RRE-BRO-LIC-17749 MT
Dean C. Williams-NC-Primary Real Estate Broker-220266 NC
Eddie Burks-NC-Auctioneer-9202 NC
Eli Detweiler-NC-Auctioneer-6879 NC
Jerry E. King-NC-Auctioneer-1010 NC
John Nicholls-NC-Auctioneer-8824 NC
Monte W. Lowderman-NC-Auctioneer-7956 NC
Scott Mihalic-NC-Auctioneer-8327 NC
Thomas Barnes-NC-Auctioneer-8334 NC
Thomas L. Williams-NC-Auctioneer-4573 NC
Tony Langdon-NC-Auctioneer-9117 NC
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-NC-Auction Firm-7725 NC
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-NC-Real Estate Firm-C6474 NC
Bradford P White-ND-Primary Real Estate Broker-8450 ND
Williams & Williams Mrktg Svcs, Inc.-ND-Real Estate Firm-2952 ND
Bradford P. White-NE-Primary Real Estate Broker-20110122 NE
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-NE-Real Estate Firm- NE
Robert Bridges-NH-Primary Real Estate Broker-067631 NH
Peter Costanzo Auctioneers Inc-NJ-Primary Real Estate Broker-8900421 NJ
Daniel Nelson-NM-Primary Real Estate Broker-18340 NM
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-NM-Real Estate Firm- NM
Bradford Peter White-NV-Primary Real Estate Broker-B.1000974.LLC NV
Dean C. Williams-NY-Primary Real Estate Broker-32WI0834875 NY
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-NY-Real Estate Firm-109911428 NY
Andrew White-OH-Auctioneer-2003000128 OH
Danny Green-OH-Auctioneer-57199362629 OH
Dean C Williams-OH-Primary Real Estate Broker-2003017722 OH
James M. Birdwell-OH-Auctioneer-2002000152 OH
Joseph Mast-OH-Auctioneer-20080000171 OH
Scott Mihalic-OH-Auctioneer-57199567969 OH
Williams & Williams Marketing Services-OH-Auction Firm-2006000117 OH
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-OH-Real Estate Firm-2004006079 OH
Bradford Peter White-OK-Primary Real Estate Broker-149972 OK
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-OK-Real Estate Firm-080495 OK
Judson Glen Vannoy-OR-Primary Real Estate Broker-200507303 OR
Williams & Williams Worldwide Real Estate, LLC-OR-Real Estate Firm-200908034 OR
Bruce Eldon Brooks-PA-Auctioneer-AU005709 PA
Eli Detweiler-PA-Auctioneer-AU005730 PA
John Nicholls-PA-Auctioneer-3601R PA
Joseph Mast-PA-Auctioneer-AU005282 PA
Monte W Lowderman-PA-Auctioneer-AU005417 PA
Peter Costanzo-PA-Auctioneer-AU003142R PA
Randy Burdette-PA-Auctioneer-AU005390 PA
Roger Spencer-PA-Auctioneer-AU-1454-L PA
Tony Langdon-PA-Auctioneer-AU005726 PA
Travis Britsch-PA-Primary Real Estate Broker-RM421986 PA
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-PA-Real Estate Firm-RB067514 PA
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-PA-Auction Firm-AY001966 PA
Julia T. Acosta Betancourt-PR-Primary Real Estate Broker-C-10579 PR
Daniel S. Nelson-RI-Primary Real Estate Broker-C17144 RI
Harvey J Levin-RI-Auctioneer-AUC.0007774-NR RI
Monte W. Lowderman-RI-Auctioneer-9888 RI
Scott R Mihalic-RI-Auctioneer-0237 RI
Daniel S. Nelson-SC-Primary Real Estate Broker-78034 SC
Eli Detweiler-SC-Auctioneer-AUC3939 SC
Jerry E. King-SC-Auctioneer-AUC675 SC
John Nicholls-SC-Auctioneer-4199 SC
Monte W. Lowderman-SC-Auctioneer-003845R SC
Scott Mihalic-SC-Auctioneer-4184 SC
Thomas Barnes-SC-Auctioneer-3848 SC
Bradford P. White-SD-Primary Real Estate Broker-14861 SD
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-SD-Real Estate Firm-12782 SD
Bradford P. White-TN-Primary Real Estate Broker-322866 TN
Eddie Burks-TN-Auctioneer-00004990 TN
Eli Detweiler-TN-Auctioneer-5816 TN
James M. Birdwell-TN-Auctioneer-00001344 TN
Jerry E. King-TN-Auctioneer-1270 TN
John Nicholls-TN-Auctioneer-6167 TN
Joseph Mast-TN-Auctioneer-6600 TN
Monte W. Lowderman-TN-Auctioneer-5849 TN
Thomas Barnes-TN-Auctioneer-5125 TN
Tony Langdon-TN-Auctioneer-5721 TN
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-TN-Real Estate Firm-00257408 TN
Bruce Eldon Brooks-TX-Auctioneer-16997 TX
Cody Lowderman-TX-Auctioneer-16991 TX
Daniel Scott Nelson-TX-Primary Real Estate Broker-618260 TX
Danny Green-TX-Auctioneer-00008212 TX
Emerson Clay Larkin Jr-TX-Auctioneer-6035 TX
Gordon Lee Kimberling, Jr.-TX-Auctioneer-6692 TX
Jack Lee Lowderman-TX-Auctioneer-15754 TX
Keith W. Babb-TX-Auctioneer-6701 TX
Monte W. Lowderman-TX-Auctioneer-00015800 TX
O W Dusty Taylor-TX-Auctioneer-15196 TX
Pamela L. McKissick-TX-Auctioneer-17195 TX
Ronn Cunningham-TX-Auctioneer-12179 TX
Terry Reagan-TX-Auctioneer-7855 TX
Thomas Lee Williams-TX-Auctioneer-10071 TX
Tommy Ray Assiter-TX-Auctioneer-6104 TX
Tony Langdon-TX-Auctioneer-10246 TX
Daniel Nelson-UT-Primary Real Estate Broker-7372456-PB00 UT
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-UT-Real Estate Firm-8018909-CN00 UT
Bradford P White-VA-Primary Real Estate Broker-0225 200549 VA
Cody Lowderman-VA-Auctioneer-2907003987 VA
Eddie Burks-VA-Auctioneer-2907003937 VA
Eli Detweiler-VA-Auctioneer-2907003029 VA
Jack Lowderman-VA-Auctioneer-2907003507 VA
John Nicholls-VA-Auctioneer-1552 VA
Kelly Strauss-VA-Auctioneer-2907002623 VA
Monte W Lowderman-VA-Auctioneer-2907003508 VA
Randy Burdette-VA-Auctioneer-2905001797 VA
Thomas Barnes-VA-Auctioneer-2907003570 VA
Tommy Ray Assiter-VA-Auctioneer-2907003719 VA
Tony Langdon-VA-Auctioneer-2907003836 VA
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-VA-Real Estate Firm-0226 023368 VA
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-VA-Auction Firm-2908-000778 VA
Bradford P. White-VT-Primary Real Estate Broker-081.0081301 VT
Cody Lowderman-VT-Auctioneer-057.0075208 VT
Monte Lowderman-VT-Auctioneer-057.0080566 VT
Scott Mihalic-VT-Auctioneer-057.0080533 VT
Thomas L Williams-VT-Auctioneer-57-0002294 VT
Tony Langdon-VT-Auctioneer-057.0081358 VT
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-VT-Real Estate Firm-083.0081302-MAIN VT
Cody Shane Lowderman-WA-Auctioneer-2924 WA
Jack L Lowderman-WA-Auctioneer-2938 WA
Joseph Mast-WA-Auctioneer-2926 WA
Monte Lowderman-WA-Auctioneer-2893 WA
Philip R. Heiliger-WA-Primary Real Estate Broker-24486 WA
Scott Samuel Musser-WA-Auctioneer-2175 WA
Tim Stuart-WA-Auctioneer-2827 WA
Williams-Williams MKT SERV Inc.-WA-Real Estate Firm-18545 WA
Cody Lowderman-WI-Auctioneer-2632-052 WI
Dean C. Williams-WI-Primary Real Estate Broker-53610-090 WI
Eddie Burks-WI-Auctioneer-2636-052 WI
Eli Detweiler-WI-Auctioneer-52-052 WI
Jack Lowderman-WI-Auctioneer-902-052 WI
Monte W. Lowderman-WI-Auctioneer-1259-052 WI
Thomas L Williams-WI-Auctioneer-2207-052 WI
Tony Langdon-WI-Auctioneer-2386-52 WI
Williams & Williams Marketing Services, Inc.-WI-Auction Firm-369-53 WI
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-WI-Real Estate Firm-835971-91 WI
Dean C. Williams-WV-Primary Real Estate Broker-WV0021993 WV
John Nicholls-WV-Auctioneer-1924 WV
Randy S. Burdette-WV-Auctioneer-927 WV
Tony Langdon-WV-Auctioneer-2027 WV
Dean C Williams-WY-Primary Real Estate Broker-11732 WY
Williams & Williams Mrktg Srvcs, Inc.-WY-Real Estate Firm-163500 WY
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