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• Garryowen Conoco has had a compromise in the unleaded gasoline dispensing system, which released what we believe to be a very small amount of petro in the total containment vessel located underneath the manhole in the parking lot. State certified plumbers were contacted. Once they arrived on scene they detected a small hairline fracture in the total containment vessel. The situation was reported to the state of Montana. Any expense regarding replacing of equipment and full remediation of the site will be borne by the Seller. Seller will also be responsible for obtaining a closure letter for this remediation from the State of Montana.
• Title is held in fee simple pursuant to the records of Big Horn County, Montana; however, the Title Company has excepted from coverage any claims identified in the records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs or through any treaty between the United States and The Crow Tribe.
• Buyer understands that neither the Custer Battlefield Museum entity nor any of the property owned thereby is being auctioned, and that only the real estate and associated structures will convey.
• Conoco Disclosure: The contract between the seller and Conoco is on a month-to-month agreement. The high bidder will be responsible for negotiating any renewal or other contractual terms and for obtaining petroleum at his/her own cost.
• Personal Property Disclosure: There is a list of personal property that will convey located in the Property Information Packet, all other personal property will remain in possession of the current owner.
• It is the high bidder's responsibility to obtain required license(s) for operations of the service station as existing license(s) do not transfer.
• United States Postal Service Lease – The lease remains with the property. Please contact Reina Luongo, 303-227-5648 to change ownership of the property.
• Subway Franchise Agreement Disclosure – Buyer is not required to maintain and operate the Subway Franchise shop. If buyer chooses to operate as a Subway Franchise, he must comply with any and all requirements of Subway Corporation prior to conveying ownership of the franchise at buyer's sole cost and expense. Seller shall convey all of the Seller owned furnishings and equipment and execute any documents needed to effectuate a transfer of the franchise to Buyer. Additionally, Seller is willing to continue to operate the Subway Franchise for a reasonable period of time while Buyer satisfies all requirements subject to a written agreement to be signed at closing. However, Buyer understands that the Subway franchise may be required to cease operations in the event the Buyer fails to meet the necessary requirements for operating a Subway franchise or fails complete the necessary steps to complete the transfer in a reasonable period of time as determined by the Seller. Buyer is solely responsible for researching all requirements of Subway Corporation, and the estimated costs and expenses associated therewith prior to bidding.
• Water System: Reverse osmosis water system and water softener agreement is on a month to month and is an informal lease. Buyer acknowledges current lease agreements and agrees to be bound by same. Upon expiration of current lease agreements Buyer accepts responsibility for lease, buy out or rental re-negotiation.
• Wastewater treatment disclosure. The property herein has been reported to have an on-site wastewater treatment system/cesspool/septic tank. Buyer is purchasing the property as-is, where-is with no warranties or assertions by seller, Williams & Williams, or their agents as to the condition thereof. The property may be subject to city/county septic inspections. Buyer agrees to comply with all requirements necessary to complete the inspection and closing, including, but not limited to, obtaining the necessary permits and making arrangements to correct any noted city/county violations at buyers expense.
• Well potability disclosure. Water is pumped from a well and has been certified as a Montana public water source. Neither seller, Williams & Williams, nor its agents make any assertions or guarantees as to the condition or potability of the well reported to be on this property. Buyer is purchasing the property as-is, where-is.
• Propane disclosure. Neither seller, Williams & Williams, nor its agents make any assertions or guarantees as to the condition of the propane tank or location of lines that may be located on the property herein. Buyer is purchasing the property as-is, where-is, and is responsible for all costs for any required remediation thereto.
• Zoning/Occupancy Inspections Disclosure: The Property may be subject to city/county zoning, use, or certificate of occupancy inspections. Buyer is purchasing the property as-is, where-is, and assumes sole responsibility and expense to obtain said inspection prior to occupancy. Neither Seller nor Williams & Williams have any knowledge of any regulatory requirements or how same may impact Buyer's intended use of the property. Buyer assumes responsibility for satisfying of all zoning, use, occupancy, and any other regulatory requirements, including all costs and remediation that may be necessary.
• Private Cemetery Disclosure: A monument located on the Property may indicate that a burial site is located on the Property. Neither the Seller nor Williams & Williams can confirm or dispute the existence of a possible internment on the Property. If a burial location is situated on the Property, removal of said burial site, or a monument associated with said site, is governed by state and local statutes and regulations. Buyer should investigate and gather any required information regarding said Property prior to bidding. Buyer accepts responsibility for satisfaction of any regulatory requirements or zoning ordinances. Buyer agrees to accept property as is, where is and is responsible for all costs, improvements, and remediation therein.
• The provenance of the Elizabeth Bacon Custer Manuscript Collection is solely with the seller who is relying on his own knowledge, experts within his employ and third parties who were previous owners of portions of the collection.